Pete Sr ay 70 Years Old

Ten years ago, Pete Cicale, the owner of Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center in Aventura wrote an article, “60 Ways To Be Your Best at 60.” Now, healthier than ever and fit at 70, for Pete’s birthday he has added 10 more years of experience and knowledge in health, nutrition and wellness. He is living proof that by incorporating some simple lifestyle changes you can maintain a well balanced and vigorous life far into the senior years. The sooner you start incorporating these tips into your life by the time you reach 70 you’ll be looking forward to many more healthy years for your mind and body. Pete has over 50 years of fitness knowledge and wisdom to share with you! With 10 more tips added, here are your TOP 70 WAYS!

1. Increase your energy by losing a few pounds. Portion control is the most healthy, quick, and longest lasting route to a healthy weight.
2. Develop a consistent exercise plan. Consistency, not intensity, is key.
3. Incorporate strength training, cardio and flexibility into your lifestyle. The stronger you are the less aches and pains you will feel.
4. Think of every workout and balanced meal as your “health annuity.”
5. Remember, it is never too soon… or too late…to make positive changes to your lifestyle in order to make you stronger in the future.
6. It can take as little as 3 hours out of a 168 hour week to stay – or get – in shape.
7. Don’t wait until a doctor tells you to start exercising or eating better. By that time your body may have reached increased levels of inflammation and dysfunction.
8. Adopt the philosophy, “Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.”
9. Realize you don’t have to have a million dollars to look and feel like a million bucks.
10. Retain a personal coach for fitness education and motivation.
11. Exercise with a workout partner, adding the fun factor to your exercise routines.
12. DO NOT “DIET!” That usually means some type of starvation or deprivation. Think of your new meal program as a healthy life style change or way of life.
13. “Small Changes” add up to “Big Differences.”
14. Think moderation in life. In all things… except your ambition!
15. You wouldn’t put low octane fuel in a Ferrari! Why would you put fast food in your body?
16. A cross between a Paleo and Mediterranean meal plan works best for me.
17. Stay away from fast foods, deep fried foods and foods with preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients.
18. Drink plenty of water and green tea throughout the day. Especially in the summer.
19. Limit alcohol to weekends only. Stay in control with moderation.
20. Eat oatmeal with your choice of berries or cinnamon powder with almond milk.
21. Eat whole grain cereals. Look for 100% whole grains (or stone ground) in any cereal, or bread.
22. Eat brown rice and sweet potatoes in very small portions, not as a main meal. Occasionally substitute quinoa for rice.
23. Eat whole eggs, brown or white. Yolks contain most of the nutrition.
24. Eat large salads with raw or cooked vegetables of many colors.
25. Eat steamed vegetables rather than boiled. Boiling leaches out most of the nutrition into the water.
26. Eat anti-oxidant rich fruits like berries.
27. Eat the white meat of poultry, it contains less saturated fat.
28. Eat lots of fish low in mercury. Smaller fish contain less mercury than larger predator fish.
29. Eat lentils for their excellent carbs and protein.
30. Eat wild caught salmon, and only “farmed” fish from trusted sources.
31. Stop food cravings at night with a cup of decaf green tea.
32. Use flaxseed oil, an excellent source of important Omega 3 fats.
33. Use olive oil on your salads. Extra Virgin is best. Mix with your favorite balsamic vinegar. Lettuce is low in nutrition. Spinach or kale is a better option.
34. Drink protein shakes in place of an occasional meal especially breakfast.
35. Don’t drink soda. Even calorie free, or diet. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda can disrupt the hormone levels of your body. Soda is thought to have contributed to increasing obesity and diabetes levels.
36. Don’t eat cold cuts with nitrates or nitrites. Read labels! Buy organic and pasture raised whenever possible!
37. Ask your server NOT to bring the bread, and to place any dressings, sauces or gravies on the side.
38. Share a large portion when eating out. Especially dessert!
39. Pack your own healthy lunch if you work. Plan ahead and prepare food beforehand. It will be healthier & cheaper!
40. Mix fruit juice with water to dilute the sugar content. Fruit juice contains high levels of the sugar, fructose, which contributes to fat storage quicker than regular sugars. Eat the whole fruit with natural fiber instead.
41. Learn to channel life’s frustrations into good workouts. Stress is a “silent killer.”
42. Educate yourself. Read about fitness and nutrition. An educated consumer is a smarter (and healthier) consumer!
43. Experiment. Find what works best for you. Everyone’s different. Don’t follow what works for someone else until you see if it works for YOU.
44. Don’t use “ performance enhancing drugs” to lose weight or build muscle. They have adverse side effects that weaken the immune system.
45. Have patience and discipline. Most good things in life come from making little improvements. No one ever grows great until they are focused, dedicated and disciplined.
46. Make connections, and have a social circle to enhance your quality of life. Surround yourself with positive people. Remember: You can’t pick other people up without uplifting yourself!
47. Read nutrition labels and avoid dyes, additives and man-made chemicals whenever possible. If man makes it… your body can’t process it and it may contribute to inflammation throughout the body.
48. Avoid processed foods. They are high in sodium, sugar and saturated fats.
49. Incorporate supplements in moderation with amino acids, immune protectors, multi-vitamins, CoQ10, Vitamin C and D3.
50. Avoid getting sick. Never touch food without first washing your hands. Avoid putting your hands into or near your mouth, nose or eyes.
51. Take a walk after dinner to help digest your meal.
52. If you have celiac issues, avoid gluten which is found in grains, especially wheat.
53. Nature made getting all the nutrients we need easier by “color coding” natural foods. Eat a variety of colors each day.
54. Whatever creams and lotions you apply to your body will be absorbed into it. Avoid chemicals and unknown man-made substances.
55. Avoid using detergents with perfume or deodorants with aluminum or any man-made chemicals or unnatural ingredients. They can cause allergic reactions.
56. Channel your stress with a hobby such as meditation, yoga or exercise. Learn to play an instrument, or learn another language.
57. Take care of your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing daily. Additionally, the use of a water pik to dislodge hidden food particles works great! Mouth bacteria can be a source of inflammation elsewhere in the body. There is a direct link between gum disease and heart disease.
58. Use a bidet daily to cleanse your personal hygiene areas. Portable units are inexpensive, and easily attached to your toilet.
59. Wash your nose cavity daily to reduce sickness and allergies. While showering, gently inhale a small quantity of water into your nose and blow it out. Do this five times.
60. Endorphins produced through exercise are called the “feel good hormones.” It doesn’t matter how slow you go so long as you are exercising.
61. Channel your stress to strength training. A strong body correlates with a strong mind!
62. Make time for fitness or you will have to make time for illness.
63. Don’t become a “victim” become a VICTOR!.
64. Willpower is the ultimate strength. Remember: It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are!
65. Be happy! Smile even when you may not feel like it. Fake it (the smile) and it will soon become natural.
66. Use acidophilus if you get an upset stomach, or your regularity is off. Think about what you ate the day before.
67. Take a week off to recuperate after three months of a vigorous exercise program. You’ll come back stronger and more energized.
68. Happiness is NOT having what you want. It’s appreciating what you HAVE!
69. You don’t know what your body and spirit is capable of unless you TRY! Give up and you’ll never know what was possible!
70. Appreciate the beauty we have in everyday life. We don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.



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