Last Updated: Aug 12th, 2014

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8:00AM- JOELLE: Core H.A.B.I.T.

9:00AM- ANGEL: Sculpt 

10:00AM- KEVIN: Spinning®

5:30PM – WALTER: Zumba® 

6:30PM – SILVINA: Body Sculpt

7:30PM – NATALIE: Spinning®





7:00AM- NATALIE: Spinning®

9:00AM- ANTHONY: Boot Camp

10:00AM- CHRISTIAN: Zumba®

5:30PM- KEVIN: Body Forging/ POWER YOGA

6:30PM- ALEJANDRO: Zumba® [SUB]

7:30PM- KEVIN: Spinning®




7:00AM- EMELIA: Yoga

8:30AM- MYRIAM: Abs & But (½ hour)

9:00AM- KEVIN: Spinning®

10:00AM- BYRON: Zumba® [SUB]

5:30PM- ANTHONY: Boxing

6:30PM- ALVARO: DanceLab

7:30PM- GANIPATI: Yoga





7:00AM- NATALIE: Spinning®

9:15AM- ALVARO: Zumba®

10:15AM- JOELLE: Power Sculpt [SUB]

5:30PM- KEVIN: Spinning®

6:30PM- KEVIN: Body Forging/ POWER YOGA

7:30PM- ANTHONY: Boot Camp: Ultimate Fitness Class




7:15am- MARIA: Yoga

9:00am- ANGEL: Boot Camp [SUB]

10:00am- JOSE: Spinning® [SUB]

5:15pm- JEISON: Zumba®

6:15pm- KEVIN: Spinning®




9:00am- BILLY: Spinning® [SUB]

10:15am- JOELLE: Body Art (Ball Toning Class) 

11:15am- ALEJANDRO: Zumba® [SUB]




9:00am- KEVIN: Spinning®

10:00am- LAURIE: Body Forging/POWER YOGA

11:00am- ANTHONY:  Boot Camp: Ultimate Fitness Class

12:00pm- GANIPATI: Yoga


Class Descriptions:

Body Forging

Developed and taught by Olympia’s Kevin Philion, this class will result in fat burning and muscle tone especially in those hidden places. Distinctively Body Forging’s focal point is on, balance, deep breathing techniques, low heart rate and non impact movements. The program is similar to power yoga but it is a more evolved, more suited for the average trainee. For the first time, a fitness instructor has assembled the philosophies of martial arts, yoga, tai-chi and modern fitness into one program designed for maximizing fat burning and flexibility. Kevin includes very unique music that motivates physical, spiritual and mental levels in a well balanced way.

Body Art

This moderatley Paced program is designed to be fun and invigorating that works to tone and firm the abdominal and core muscles using a weighted vinyl ball, it strengthens and define leg and upper body muscles and improve the cardiovascular system and overall posture. Any individual suffering from weak lower back or seeking a diversified and stimulating cardio/toning workout are encouraged to attend.



The largest and leading indoor cycling studio in the state of Florida, featuring a 100 bikes. Experience a superior cycling program with intense, heart pumping, authentic (Johnny G) cycling drills. Headlining some of the best instructors in S. Florida. Billy Garcia’s, takes the traditional Indoor cycling class to the max. Imagine yourself going down roads that don’t exist, going up mountains that aren’t there and better yet doing sprints down the other side. Billy Garcia has made pedaling in spot more like riding a bike from here to there. By incorporating heart rate monitors, cycling skills, and specialty choreographed classes, this gets your heart pumping and make you feel like you’re on the tour de France.


Sculpt/ Boot Camp

This intense cardiovascular class combines the benefits of weight training to offer a balanced total body workout. The class incorporates the use of body bars, resistance bands, or dumbbells with high repetition and sets of multiple exercises to burn those extra calories.


Step & Sculpt

This cardio class incorporates the step boxes putting more emphasis on the lower body for certain exercises, such as squats and lunges in addition, using weights to sculpt the rest of the body.


A tradition in physical and mental discipline to relieve and balance your mind, body, and spirit. Designed to increase vitality and enhance a sense of well-being. The focus is on flexibility, balance, strength, breathing and posture.

Dance Lab

The NEW revolutionary Dance Class that is non-stop, energetic and a whole lot of fun. By playing some of the hottest music from the clubs, this dance session is created to help you archive cardiovascular health, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, & endurance. Also, Dancelab is designed to help develop coordination with some of the coolest moves in music videos.

Ultimate Fitness Class

This workout composed by Tony W. uses various drills in rotating stations to keep you on your toes.

POWER SCULPT: Designed to shape your entire body with body bars and dumbbells.

BOXING: Similar to boot camp, this high energy interval training uses a mixture of push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, sprints, pushing weights and doing some boxing techniques on the heavy bags with gloves. This class would pretty much push you towards the limits.

KICKBOXING: A strong cardio class that combines an assortment of punching and kicking techniques in addition to using dumbbells and bodybars to sculpt your physique.


Created by Olympia’s Beto, before he became a dance fitness sensation. Now taught by the top Zumba instructors in Miami’s Zumba 305 network. Zumba combines high energy and Latin music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance the calories away. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO”. Zumba is not only a dance class, it is a Latin phenomenon great for the sole.