We have all made New Years resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or eat better. Yet, we hardly make it to February without giving up! What can we do to help ourselves fight the good fight for as long as we can and make this year the year we actually reach some of our goals?

One of the most powerful motivational tools is the realization of success. No matter how small our accomplishments, seeing RESULTS generates the energy we need to continue. To set ourselves up for success we need to start off with measurable goals. Rather than having our resolution be ‘To Lose Weight’… restate it as ‘Lose 10 pounds of FAT in 1 Month… and 20 pounds of FAT by May 30th’. If you want to add 30 pounds of muscle by beach season, state, ‘I WILL Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle By June 1st.

Then, once you’ve created measurable goals, create a way to measure and record your progress. Construct a chart to record your weekly measurements relating to your goal. Seeing the numbers change each week will keep your enthusiasm high and your nose to the grindstone. Team up with a trainer who will hold you accountable to your goals. It’s easier to just give up if you’re on your own. We encourage being consistent by sicking to your routine and giving maximum effort that could lead to ultimate success in at Olympia.

Olympia’s personal trainers can help you keep your resolutions. Make an appointment to receive a complimentary fitness assessment. They will help you create a chart to track your progress… whether it’s to lose some body fat, add some muscle, increase your strength, learn a , or evaluate your nutrition and suggest ways to make improvements. Stop by the Front Desk to schedule your complementary consultation with a trainer to discuss your fitness and nutrition goals! Click Here to schedule and appointment with a personal trainer now!

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