Olympia Gym and Personal Training Center December Newsletter


Your body resists changes. It will only change if externally applied stress FORCES it to adapt (change) to new stresses. Once the body adapts to that stress it will stop changing until you apply new and greater stress forcing more change.

You should be using progressively heavier weight for each exercise if your goal is to change the shape of your body or get stronger. Increase the number of reps if increasing stamina is your goal. Reducing rest periods or even changing the way you perform an exercise will result in new changes. One of the most common Result Killers in the gym is hitting a plateau where there is little or no change in your body.


The results obtained from each workout depend upon the results derived from the previous workout. If too much time elapses between workouts the temporary results obtained from the last workout fade away. So we’re weaker and further away from accomplishing our goals. We’ve all experienced the shocking loss of strength or endurance from letting too much time lapse between workouts! It only takes approximately 72 hours to lose most of the results gained from a workout.


Exercise is, by necessity, stressful to the body. The body needs properly balanced nutrition to rebuild the muscle. It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of results are obtained from good nutrition. You can’t get the results you want without fueling the body. Proper nutrition and supplementation is vital to the process.


You’ve heard it said that ‘technique’ is everything in life! A turn of a hand, a lifting of an elbow or a bend from the hip rather than from the spine can change the results of an exercise. Or worse yet, render an exercise ineffective! Moving too fast using momentum can rob you of results. Using less than a full range of motion can reduce an exercises effectiveness substantially. Resting too long (talking/using cell phones) may not create the consistent intensity you need for changes to occur. Even improper seat positions on exercise machines can result in a reducing its effectiveness.


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