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Do you want to know what your Posture, Body Symmetry and Composition is on the latest cutting edge technology that tracks your fitness results???

These questions can finally be answered simply, quickly and accurately with Olympia’s newest acquisition… the Fit3D ProScanner. This cutting edge body scanner takes the guesswork out of what’s going on, or NOT going on, with your body. Getting the results we want in the gym is what it’s all about, it is why we’re there! Imagine being able to step onto a device, enter a few bits of personal info, and get scanned by space age infrared beams that accurately measure weight, body composition, girth measurements, posture, symmetry, balance, waist/hip ratio, body shape as it relates to health risk factors and rates your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which is the amount of calories your body uses at rest… the starting point for calculating your recommended caloric intake each day.

Now, we can conduct a scan with minutes. You can record your body measurements and make changes that focuses on your exercise and diet efforts. RESULTS are the best motivation! The Fit3D Pro Scanner makes RESULTS the priority. Whether it’s improvement in appearance, performance, or health… when you know your numbers, you’re empowered to make the best decisions based upon SCIENCE… not guesswork!

Each member is entitled to a complimentary scan. You’ll receive an easily understood printout which includes a graph that shows how you compare to others of your age, hight and gender. These results can be discussed with one of our Certified Personal Trainers who will help you understand how to interpret your results and help guide you to make exercise and nutrition decisions. If you want to continue receiving periodic scans to track your progress (or lack of) we suggest you partner with a personal trainer. All Personal Training clients will receive monthly scans that are included in their program. Complimentary Scans are available by appointment made by your fitness consultant or by clicking on the link below.

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