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Group Fitness Class Descriptions:

Boot Camp Classes – This intense cardiovascular class combines the benefits of weight training to offer a balanced total body workout. The class incorporates the use of body bars, resistance bands, or dumbbells with high repetition sets of multiple exercises to burn those extra calories.

Body Forging – Developed and taught by Olympia’s Kevin Philion, this class will result in fat burning and muscle toning especially in those hidden places. Distinctively Body Forging’s focal point is on, balance, deep breathing techniques, low heart rate, and non impact movements. The program is similar to power yoga but it is more evolved, more suited for the average trainee. For the first time, a fitness instructor has assembled the philosophies of martial arts, yoga, tai-chi, and modern fitness into one program designed for maximizing fat burning and flexibility. Kevin includes very unique music that motivates physical, spiritual, and mental levels in a well balanced way.

Body Sculpt – This class is designed to shape, strengthen, and tone your entire body using body bars and dumbbells. During this class you will work through each major muscle group to accomplish a complete body workout.

Boxing – Break out the boxing gloves! This high energy interval training uses a mixture of different functional training moves as well as punching drills and boxing techniques performed on the punching bags. Other exercises include jumping rope, push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, weights. This class along with the trainer will push you toward the max. Get the best cross-boxing work out in this class, burn maximum calories.

Butts & Guts – Say goodbye to muffin top and droopy booty and sculpt your tush and tummy from every angle with non-stop abs and glutes exercises. Just a half hour of tension is all you need to tighten up those buns and shred that excess belly fat. Work on more on the core and get the 6 pack you always wanted!

Core Ball – Sculpting moves with the core ball and free weights. This class is designed to be fun and invigorating and focuses on toning and firming the abdominal and core muscles using a weighted vinyl ball. You will also strengthen and define your legs and upper body muscles while improving cardiovascular fitness and overall body posture. This class is good for individuals who are suffering from a weak core or for those seeking a diversified and stimulating cardio/toning workout.

Dance Lab – Dance Lab is produced and choreographed by non other than Alvaro. This revolutionary Dance Class is non-stop, energetic, and a whole lot of fun. The Dance Lab sensation uses the hottest club music to motivate you to achieve cardiovascular health as well as improve endurance, flexibility, and muscle tone. Dance Lab will help you to develop coordination through performing some of the coolest dance moves used in today’s pop culture.

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Spinning® Classes – The largest and leading indoor cycling studio in the state of Florida, featuring 100 bikes. Experience a superior cycling program with intense, heart pumping, authentic (Johnny G) cycling drills. Headlining some of the best instructors in S. Florida. This takes the traditional Indoor Cycling class to the max. Imagine yourself going down roads that don’t exist, going up mountains that aren’t there, and better yet doing sprints down the other side. By incorporating heart rate monitors, cycling skills, and specialty choreographed classes, this class gets your heart pumping and makes you feel like you’re on the tour de France.

Yoga – A tradition in physical and mental disciplines to relieve and balance your mind, body, and spirit. Designed to increase vitality and enhance a sense of well-being. The focus is on flexibility, balance, strength, breathing, and posture.

Zumba® Dance Fitness Classes – Created by Beto Perez, founded by Olympia, Zumba® has became a house hold name and dance fitness sensation. Now taught by the top Zumba® instructors in Miami’s. Zumba® 305 network is all about the party that you can workout to. Zumba® combines high energy and Latin music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba® participants to dance the calories away. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO”. Zumba® is not only a dance class, it is a Latin phenomenon great for the sole.



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