I’ve been working with the family business since 1996. Ever since then, I have seen myself advancing my way to the top of the organization to one day follow in my father’s footsteps. I started from the very bottom of the organization to now fulfill a management position.

I’m experienced to give the best possible advice and service in order for my clients to achieve their personal goals. (Weight loss, stamina and endurance training, Pilates and strength training) Also know for creating a positive influence and atmosphere in the community. We give back to the people in exchange for their commitment and desire it take to succeed in their customized training programs. I also facilitate top athletes for off season training: Jamal Lewis, Javon Kerse, Cliff Floyd, Plaxico Burress, Pudge Rodriquez, Kelvin Escobar and more. I help put together corporate events (gym parties) for our members. As well as fund raisers to benefit the make a wish, national cancer society, leukemia foundation, kids in distress, ect.

We exclusively assist celebrities to get them in shape for upcoming movie roles: Chris Tucker, Mark Wahlburg, Mike Chicklis, Andrew Dice Clay, ect. Olympia is not only a gym we are the neighborhood support group for your own well being and proud to be at your service

Graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in sports and wellness management.



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