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Pete Cicale: Proud owner of Olympia Gym since 1978. He’ been in the industry since 1972 working at Vic Tanny’s health spa a.k.a Ballys. Working as a fitness consultant then as Manager to regional Manager. Managing several different gyms, Peter took on the gym business the way he visioned it, with care and concern for other peoples health. The gym is not only a place to get big and muscular, but to preserve your health and perform to your best ability.

Peter Cicale 60th

Peter is a no nonsense, hands on, fitness operator with a strict attention to detail and an open mind ti new and creative ways to enhance his services business. A product of the streets Peter started his fitness club back when the public perception of a gym was only a place for sweaty boxers and muscle bound body builders. In today’s enlightened medical world, physical fitness is now considered a must to enhance, cardiovascular care, weight loss, clinical depression and an extension of personal longevity! With the increasing numbers of baby boomers senior aged people have increased their weekly activity. As for Peter he has dedicated his life to health and fitness and has passed it on, not only to his wife and two kids, but to the community and generations to come.

-Compliments of Mert Gettis

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