Partner Up with a Certified Personal Training Coach

Build an effective workout routine with the latest techniques to maximize results.

With all the available training methods, how do you know which is best for you to maximize results? That’s where a certified personal training coach can step in and provide you with professional guidance.

An Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center coach will tailor a workout program that is specific to your body and goals to take you where you want to go.

For a limited time, we are offering a special introductory personal training package so you can partner up with one of our certified personal training coaches to take you where you want go (see below)…

Anthony Whymes - Certified Personal Trainer at Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center


Certified Personal Trainer

As an Exercise Specialist, Anthony’s goal is to help you achieve change. He will provide you with motivation, nutrition advice, accountability, and direction to attain your fitness goals and to sustain them throughout your life.

Anthony is an innovative athlete and lifestyle coach, whose training style is among the most intense that you will find. He is committed to excellence and advancements in high-performance conditioning and functional strength development. He has a sincere interest in helping today’s athlete in their quest for greatness.

Jillian Connon - Certified Personal Trainer at Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center


Certified Personal Trainer

I have a certification with IFA and am also certified with Red Cross first aid and CPR. My background is in competitive gymnastics, dance and track and field. I was active my entire life and joined my first gym at the age of 21 when I found myself at my heaviest weight and the rest is history.

17 years later I competed in my first NPC Bikini contest in June of 2017. Ever since that experience, I have brought my own level of fitness to my highest level so far and proud to say I am in the best shape of my life. The most valuable lesson from that experience was what I learned about nutrition and how much it impacts our physique. I also learned the most effective exercises through my own personal trial and error.

Cesar - Personal Trainer and Olympia Gym and Personal Training


Certified Personal Trainer

I was born and raised in Venezuela until the age 16 then I signed a professional baseball contract to come to United States to play for San Diego Padres (2002-2006) and Texas Rangers (2006-2008) but my passion for sports really started when I was just a child around 4 years old. That age I joined my first baseball team, then karate, surfing and later swimming following my oldest brother’s footsteps. I found that I was born to be an athlete.

There was a time I was playing 4 different sports at the same time but I realized that I had a special talent for 2 of them which were karate and baseball. I practiced both sports in a professional level and was part of Venezuela national junior team in karate and baseball at the same time. I traveled to many countries representing my country national teams on international tournaments and championships earning awards in every competitions such as best junior pitcher of the world in Mexico 2002 and Panamerican karate champion in Puerto Rico 2000.

After playing different sports for many years I decided to go back to school to become a personal trainer and combined my studies with my experiences as a former pro-athlete.

As a personal trainer I have worked with a variety of people from young athletes to elderly people helping them reach their goals in terms of body composition but most importantly overall health.

I specialize in weight lost, body re-composition and athletic performance. I use different types of training depending on a person’s level of fitness and goals such as High Intensity Training, functional training, Strength Training, Peripheral Heart Action Training, Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training ,Cardio-Plyometrics.

Whatever your goal is I can help you achieve it as long as you are coachable, consistent, and willing to work hard in a safe and effective manner.


Layla Silva - Personal Trainer at Olympia Gym


Certified Personal Trainer

⁃ Her interest in fitness and gymnastics began at an early age, since Elementary Learning

⁃ First experience as a coach was in high school during Physical Education class when PE teacher assigned her the role of the Assistant Coach

⁃ Social, Sports and Recreation Coordinator

⁃ Bellydance Performer and Female Fitness Group instructor in the Sultanate of Oman for seven years, until an accident on stage changed her life. Because of her own injury, she decided to study corrective training to recover and found a deep interest in the physical therapy area. Shortly after she became a certified fitness trainer to pursue her newfound life purpose.

⁃ With a wide knowledge in nutrition she worked as a volunteer as a special project coordinator of the American Women Group of Oman and the Omani Women Group, leading educational activities such as: cooking healthy, living with a gluten free, lactose free, and sugar free lifestyle, low carbs alternative and a carb counting diet, benefiting individuals and families with celiac disease, obesity, bulimia and anorexia, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, food allergies and other food sensitivities.

With her holistic approach to fitness and nutrition through new habits and perceptive-changing life experience, Layla encourages her clients to have complete lifestyle transformations and creating long lasting results.

  • Elite Trainer ISSA Certified
  • Transformation Specialist
  • Youth Fitness
  • Sports Nutrition
  • DNA Based Training
Joseph Horna - Certified Personal Trainer at Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center


Certified Personal Trainer