Personal Training

Personal Training Programs Include:

  • Build Muscle Mass/Strength Training
  • Sports Specific: Athletic Conditioning
  • Tone & Shape: Functional/Resistance Training
  • Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Weight Loss/Reduce Body Fat
  • Weight Control: Adult & Child Obesity
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • 30 Minute Express Workouts
  • Stretching Sessions
  • Stress Relief/Motivational Training
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • TRX® Suspension
  • Boxing
  • Boot Camp

One-on-One, Small Group and Semi-Private Training:

1 Hour & 1/2 Hour Sessions—more than 20 trainers on staff. Team Olympia Trainers all provide the advance skills, knowledge and motivation to insure that our clients experience the maximum benefits with every workout. Olympia Gym places an emphasis on “personal” when it comes to personal training. We provide an in depth analysis for our clients based on their current level of fitness and the individual goals they’re looking to accomplish. The initial consultation/orientation session will include a fitness evaluation that consists of weight and measurements, B.M.I. (Body Mass Index), body fat %, flexibility test, fitness level test, and nutritional guidance.

After establishing your baseline fitness level as described above your trainer will develop an initial exercise routine as well as future exercise routines that are based on your—then current—level of fitness and the long-term goals you’re looking to accomplish. We then work side-by-side with you to educate and guide you through each phase of your diet, nutrition, and exercise program.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to reach your goals the safe and effective way.

Private Group Training in the F.I.T. BOX:

[FUNCTIONAL-INTERVAL-TRAINING] The economical alternative to Personal Training that will maximize efficiency in a limited amount of time. The F.I.T. Box Studio features: TRX® Suspension, Jacobs Ladder, Versa® Climber, Concept 2® Rower, Box Master®, Resistance Bands, Functional Training Equipment and More.

Fit Box banner

The Fit Box is a H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) program. The F.I.T. Box program is also a time-efficient form of interval training that incorporates professional instruction, motivation, comradery and conditions the entire body while boosting your level of fitness including strength, stamina and overall physical condition.

By design the F.I.T. Box workout program is circuit-based and alternates periods of intense physical activity with active lower-intensity recovery periods.

No prior experience is necessary, it’s suitable for participants of all fitness levels from beginner to Ironman (or Ironwoman). The goal is to maximize results and improve overall fitness. So whatever your level of fitness you can trust our expert F.I.T Box Trainers to make sure you’re properly challenged.

Kids F.I.T. Club:

Ages 8-13. Interval training designed for children to get the best workout for their physical condition. Located in our new F.I.T. BOX (downstairs aerobic room)

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