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I met Gaby, my personal trainer, more than one year ago. I was sent to her by my husband who at that time thought that going to the gym, would do me good. The only problem? I hated going to exercise at the gym. I loved to dance, Zumba, play Tennis and walk, as my main forms of exercise, however, years back, I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, both of which changed my life. I was no longer able to play tennis or go to Zumba. This is when Gabby came into the picture. I started working out with a routine of exercises that Gaby prepared especially for my condition. Soon, I started to love my routine, which she managed to make not boring at all. Now I am more flexible, I have much more energy, my muscles are toned, and I’m in good shape. I feel good. To me, Gaby is not only my coach and personal trainer, but my friend. We exercise, we talk, we bond. I think Gaby is an excellent trainer, who listens and knows what she is doing. She always thinks first what is best for her client.

Irene Slochowski, Golden Beach Resident

I’ve joined a lot of gyms in the past… but no one has inspired and motivated me more than the staff at Olympia Gym, more notably my friend and trainer Anna… I give her total credit for my transformation. I’m thrilled at the progress that I’ve seen since starting… I’ve lost over 8% body fat, increased my energy level and focus, and can honestly say… totally changed my life… And as you can see, I look pretty good for 53! I would highly recommend Olympia Gym to anyone interested in improving the quality of their life as well.

Nadine, Aventura Resident

I am a Nutritionist, and have been in the field of Health & Fitness for over 30 years.

I have been a member of Olympia Gym for many years. Being on avid workout junkie I have joined many gyms throughout the years but I have always prioritized and continued to spend most of my workouts at Olympia Gym.

What calls me there on a daily basis is the up beat atmosphere, friendly and supportive staff, excellent equipment and incredibly competent instructors. The clientele is an interesting diversified group of people very committed to their training and Gym etiquette aware.

I intend to workout at some level for the rest of my life, and I hope Olympia Gym will pass it on to future generations.

Andrea Larson, L.N.C.

I have been training with Carlos for the past 6 months. Carlos is the consummate professional who is passionate about his work. Over that period of time, my strength and conditioning have improved dramatically. Besides the obvious physical benefits of training with Carlos, perhaps of equal importance is the fact that he brings a lot of creativity to his training sessions. I don’t think I’ve ever had the same workout twice! I am enjoying working with Carlos so much, that I’ve increased my training sessions from once to five days per week. I look forward to training with Carlos into the distant future.

Brian Mose, Aventura Resident

I started training with Carlos Ramos about 9 months ago. When I first started training with him I had no previous experience with a personal trainer, and to add insult to injury, I was somewhat out of shape.

Carlos immediately put me on a training regiment that fit my fitness goals. He always takes the time to explain the exercises that I am performing and makes sure that I am performing them correctly. He takes a personal interest in my fitness development, and is a great motivator.

As a result of training with Carlos, I have seen significant gains in both strength and musculature. He has helped me see that weight training as a life long path to health and longevity. I look forward to our training sessions each week and I hope to continue to progress toward my fitness goals.

Craig Blinerman, Aventura Resident

After the Iraqi freedom campaign I flew home from Diego Garcia, my body was all in spasm and inflamed… I could hardly move, my joints were affected.

The diagnosis was “diffuse systematic inflammatory disease of undetermined etiology-suspected of being caused by Viral and Bacterial antigens. Namely Smallpox and Anthrax vaccine exposures followed by influenza symptoms.

Mr. Roden has been instrumental in getting my body moving again.

I have undergone a curative program based on the hands on structural therapies and exercise programs under Roy Roden at the Olympia Gym in Aventura.

Mr. Roden is caring, sympathetic, and conscientious. He is highly recommended.

Peter J. Piasecky, Aventura Resident

Since we started working out with Heinz and Gaby Senior everything has changed for the good.

I am amazed how great I feel and how fast my husband and I have seen the results. We have been training with Heinz Senior for the last two months and the outcome is wonderful, we have lost a combined weight of 30 pounds of fat and we look fantastic. We are eating healthy foods and we are dedicating at least one hour of our lives everyday to exercise. We have more energy and even though we are eating more than we used to, we are losing all those extra pounds. My body looks leaner and I am getting my curves back.

I am not much of a cook but with their support and suggestions, they always help us in making the diet more interesting and tasty. In addition, Heinz’s training sessions are incredible; his knowledge and methods of training will never get you bored.

Stick to their knowledge and guidance and you will be able to reach your goals in a short period of time. Heinz & Gaby Senior are such a great and inspiring couple and we are so glad that we found them because they definitively have taught us how to adjust to our new and healthier way of living.

**We Highly Recommend Them**

Lisa and Luis, Aventura Residents

Hi there PJ,

I was in town for the National Championship (with the Florida Gators) and needed a gym to work out in. I wanted to take some spinning classes and when I Googled spin classes in Miami, your gym came up. I worked out there several days and it was great. Kevin in a GREAT spin instructor. However, I live in Gainesville!


Shelley Meyer, Gainesville Resident

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your email. I really enjoyed my time in south FL and using Olympia’s facilities. The staff there are wonderful. I will keep it in mind next time I am in town.

Julie Tynan, Seasonal Visitor

I’ve lost over 135 pounds so far and it’s changed my life. Olympia gym has given me the tools, motivation, and the support I needed to become the person that I am today. The staff is great! It’s like a 2nd family. They understand my needs and are always there for me.

Ron Kolsky, Aventura Resident

Every so often one is privileged to meet a couple, who thru personality and performance, are both unique and special. I met the couple at a fitness club in Aventura, the Olympia Gym. This club has been a home away from home. After 15 year of committing myself to a no nonsense exercise routine of 4 days a week. I am convinced that this activity is a major reason why i am still around at age 91, feeling great and still appreciating beautiful bodies.

Merit Gettis, Quayside Resident